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  • Bringing neighbours closer

    Welcome to the Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2014–2020!

    About the programme
  • Bringing neighbours closer

    Welcome to the Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2014–2020!

  • Bringing neighbours closer

    Welcome to the Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2014–2020!

LLI-431 Inter-regional Cooperation for Sustainable, Integrated and Smart Planning (SMART PLANNING)

Project aims to strengthen capacity of local and regional stakeholders in spatial and strategic planning, to enhance stronger cross-border perspective in strategic development planning to foster coherent development and effective collaboration across borders.

Spatial planning gives geographical expression to the economic, social, cultural and ecological policies of society. It is at the same time a scientific discipline, an administrative technique and a policy developed as an interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach directed towards a balanced regional development and the physical organisation of space according to an overall strategy.

Project will elaborate a capacity building and leadership program for local stakeholders (local and regional politicians, spatial and development planners in local municipalities). The aim  is to enhance capacity of the regional decision makers and local administrators, developers to strengthen skills and competences and master new tools and methods for innovative and smart regional management, as well to encourage more active political commitment due to high demand of regional economic transformation processes. Leadership building program will consist of 4 workshops about the new approaches in development planning, two innovation camps in Kurzeme and Klaipeda regions, two study visits to Poland and Finland to experience practical “know-how” on applying gained skills. At the same time joint activities will serve as a network for building platforms for the involved parties.

Kurzeme Planning Region will carry out spatial analysis of Kurzeme Region in cross-border and future smart specialization context. Project will provide an opportunity to spatially analyse territorial development trends and address them targeted and purposefully. Klaipeda region will develop an action plan for horizontal priorities development in Klaipeda region, which supplemented by the region’s economic development documents will form a complete Klaipeda region development (specialisation) strategy 2030 and will become the main long-term regional development document approved by all regional stakeholders. Both regions will cooperate closely during the analytical part of the project implementation which will ensure greater coherence and inter-regional integration in the upcoming development planning documents.

Leadership program complemented with key conclusions from the analysis carried out in Kurzeme and Klaipeda regions will conclude in a Handbook for Cross-border Planning that will summarize the challenges that are raised by the local stakeholders and provide approaches to tackle them.

Project main outcomes will be presented in the final conference of smart planning where cross-border challenges will be discussed, joint activities to tackle them suggested and project results presented.


Social media and contacts:
Phone: +371 67331492
Address: 4a Valguma Street, Riga, Latvia (Administration office)

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