• Bringing neighbours closer

    Welcome to the Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2014–2020!

  • Bringing neighbours closer

    Welcome to the Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2014–2020!

    About the programme
  • Bringing neighbours closer

    Welcome to the Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2014–2020!

LLI-186 CREAzone 2.0

“CREAzone 2.0” aims to create a viable business and ensuring long-term employment growth in the border regions of Lithuania and Latvia by combining modern business ideas and traditional business models.
By using methodology improved during the “CREAzone 1.0” project,  project seeks to reduce the disproportionately high level of incapacity (as compared to the major cities), especially among young people, in targeted program regions. The project goal is to create new viable businesses and secure jobs for people in target areas by encouraging young people’s entrepreneurship, motivating young people to discover incomplete local sector potential, providing multi-faceted assistance, counseling and training.

Planned results:

  • To create new business opportunities in traditional industries in the Lithuanian-Latvian cross-border region by knowledge economy driven promotion of youth entrepreneurship in accordance with “CREAzone” methodology;
  • To build an alliance of stakeholders, who are determined to create long-term collaboration on the promotion of youth entrepreneurship.

Social media and contacts:
Phone: +37068241900
E-mail: ruta.ciutiene@ktu.lt
Website: www.ktu.edu
Address: K. Donelaičio g. 73, LT-44249 Kaunas

5 August 2019

Creazone 2.0 – second training cycle!

CREAzone 2.0 (Reinvent) – is a unique and proven entrepreneurship promotion methodology aimed to help young people to create new promising businesses by combining innovative knowledge economy driven ideas with business models in traditional industries thus contributing to the long-term and sustainable rise of employment in the Lithuanian Latvian cross-border region.

We are launching next training cycle for the 2019. If you are young motivated person, willing to own your own business this project is dedicated to you!


B E B E T T E R – a stage for personal skills development. It comprises 6 units of 8 academic hour training sessions and covers such topics as: public speaking, time planning, stress management, business idea presentation and development training.

P I T C H I N – a stage for team formation. Participants are introduced to a list of real-life business problems and are encouraged to form teams capable of tackling the presented challenges.

T E A M U P – is the third stage of training and is a 5-day camp. The International Camp prepares business plans and helps the participants prepare for the presentation of business ideas. Representatives from corporates and academia are invited to advise project participants on further business development goals.

D E S I G N I T – Training for business idea development. Together
with mentors and business representatives, project participants explore potential ways commercialising their business ideas.

G E T STA RT E D – The Fifth and the final stage, in which project participants supported to prepare credible and validated business plans, form and manage companies as well as start trading with their first customers.

All questions: why, when and how will be answered during the #Inception events in Latvia and Lithuania!

Don’t miss it and follow the information on our project website: http://reinvent.creazone.lt/

#Inception in Latvia: events.

#Inception in Lithuania: events.


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