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  • Bringing neighbours closer

    Bringing neighbours closer

    Welcome to the Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2014–2020!

    About the programme
  • Bringing neighbours closer

    Bringing neighbours closer

    Welcome to the Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2014–2020!

  • Bringing neighbours closer

    Bringing neighbours closer

    Welcome to the Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2014–2020!

LLI-280 Improvement of cross border road infrastructure for well connected regional centers and facilitated labor mobility in the border areas (EASYCROSSING)

The overall objective of the project “Improvement of cross border road infrastructure for well connected regional centers and facilitated labor mobility in the border areas” (EASYCROSSING) is to facilitate geographical mobility and territorial integrity of the LV – LT border regions providing an appropriate transport infrastructure for mobility of work force, services and goods in order to reduce territorial challenges like high unemployment rate, emigration, low quality of road infrastructure etc. – impediment for sustainable regional development.

To achieve specific objective there are planned:

  • events promoting mobility opportunities,
  • reconstruction of 6 road sections in total length of 45.93 km.

To ensure qualitative outcomes, partners cooperated already in the project development stage and it will be continued implementing common promotion activities, data exchange on available work opportunities etc. EASYCROSSING will be a kind of challenge for partners, focusing attention on the opportunities given by the qualitative road infrastructure more than on the fact that infrastructure is improved.

Reconstruction of following road sections planned:

  • P106 Ezere–Embūte–Grobiņa, 0,07-13.95 km and 163 Mažeikiai – LV border, 0.0-9.209 km;
  • V1028 Bauska–Bērzi–LT border, 7,44-14,62 km and 2912 Žeimelis – Vileišiai – LV border, 0.0- 5.1 km;
  • P75 Jēkabpils–LT border, 56,08-60,50 km and V961 Nereta–Sleķi, 0,10-1,15 km and 3647 Pandėlys – Suvainiškis – LV border, 13.3 – 18.3 km,
  • e-based information exchange points with information about job opportunities and how to find it.

The main target group is general public considering roads are public service provided by the states. Direct target group of this project will be daily users of Kurzeme, Panevėžys, Zemgales, Šiauliai, Telšiai regions at least, and it’s expected that project will ensure growth of the traffic intensity for 12% and number of commuters for up to 10% during 5 years after project implementation.

Project portfolio (pdf)

Social media and contacts:
Phone: +371 67028175
Address: Gogoļa 3, Riga, LV-1073

No news for this project!

In Autumn 2020, project is mostly implemented, i.e., most of the road sections selected for the reconstruction within this project are already reconstructed providing opportunity to travel from one country to another one much faster and easier considering the safety, comfort and influence of the road quality to the mechanisms.

In the beginning of the project implementation, partners made ex-ante assessment on the road sections to clarify existing traffic volumes. Results will be compared with results of the ex-post evaluation after project implementation to measure project impact to the mobility over the border (here you can find traffic volume data before reconstruction). Project implementation isn’t completed, and ex-post evaluation isn’t done yet, however it has been already observed that traffic volume on the completed sections significantly increased.

Right now, reconstruction of the road section Ezere – Embūte – Grobiņa (P106, km 0,07-14,00) and the bridge over the river Zaņa is already completed so as the road section Ežere – Mažeikiai – border (No 163, km 0,0 – 6,89). The small section near Mažeikiai town (km 6,89 – 9,19) is still in process because of changed technical solutions. It’s expected that the road section fully will be completed in Autumn 2020.


Reconstruction of the bridge on road P106 over the Zaņa river near Ezere Town (LV, June, 2018) 

Just reconstructed road section near border in Lithuania (LT, August, 2019)

Reconstruction works on road sections Jēkabpils – border (P75, km 56,09 – 60,50) and Nereta – Sleķi (V961, km 0,00-1,20) were completed in September 2018. However, in Spring 2019 after winter maintenance period defects were identified and the following construction season has been spent to find a solution how to eliminate flaws of the construction. Now, the problem is solved applying an additional surface layer. Although works on connected section in Lithuania (Pandelys – Suvainiškis – Nereta – border (No 3647, km 13,3-18,3)) have been started with delay, they are completed. Considering this, we can say that environment for the comfortable mobility in this area is ensured.

The opening ceremony of the road section P75 / V961 in Nereta (LV) on 14.09.2018 with representatives of Partners, Nereta County Council, local residents.  

Checking of the quality of the road surface on P75 near Nereta  (LV, June 2019) 

The third road section was planned in order to provide qualitative road connection between Bauska and Joniškis crossing the border between Adžūni and Žeimelis. This would be the shortest connection between important regional development centers. Reconstruction of the road section Bauska – Bērzi – border (V1028, km 7.44 – 14.625) was completed in August 2020 so as ‘twin’ section in Lithuania (Vileišiai – Žeimelis – Adžiuniai – border No 2912, km 0,0 – 5,1). This object faced some unexpected challenges like archeological findings – human bones in the beginning and later also the ancient road section with cobblestones pavement which should be preserved properly. To ensure that, the cobble stone pavement will be reconstructed later by Partner’s own resources.

Construction works on road section #2912 near  Žeimelis – before and after (LT, June 2018 and August 2019) 


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