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  • Bringing neighbours closer

    Welcome to the Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2014–2020!

    About the programme
  • Bringing neighbours closer

    Welcome to the Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2014–2020!

  • Bringing neighbours closer

    Welcome to the Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2014–2020!

LLI-336 Successful psychosocial and sensory rehabilitation for children and adults suffering from mental and behavioral disorders (SUPER)

Mental health is an integral part of the general individual and public health. Unfortunately, both Latvia and Lithuania are leaders among the EU member states by especially high incidence of mental and behavioural disorders. Adults of working age are mainly diagnosed with mood disorders, schizophrenia, delirium and schizotypal disorders, and organic and symptomatic mental disorders dropping out of labour market. Such scopes of prevalence of mental and behavioural disorders make a direct impact on the social and economic development.  Currently, mental and health problems in a general sense have been dealt with insufficiently effectively. Therefore, the project is focused on the fundamental change of holistic understanding in mental health with the application of conventional treatment schemes successfully together with evidence-based complementary methods – sensory integration in rehabilitation centers.
The general aim of the project is to improve the accessibility and effectiveness of the psychosocial and sensory integration rehabilitation in the Lithuanian and Latvian cross-border area. The project shall offer new solutions for both countries. A new and innovative sensory integration rehabilitation methodology shall be developed for children and adults suffering from mental and behavioural disorders. In compliance with neuropsychological symptoms, an instrument shall be developed to be used in rehabilitation centres by specialists who intend to apply sensory integration. In the health care institutions of the project partners, innovative sensory integration rooms shall be equipped, as currently, instead of complex treatment, merely medications are used. Due to the partner networking, information dissemination and best practices sharing shall be ensured in the programme area and beyond.



Social media and contacts:
Phone: +37065636900
Address: Vytauto 92, LT-00132 Palanga

15 December 2019

The second project team working meeting in Klaipeda

On 10th of December 2019, 12 months project period meeting has been implemented.

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9 December 2019

A multisensory integration room is being installed

One of the most significant results of this project is the installation of a multisensory integration room for children and adults in Palanga ASPC. During the summer, UAB Rangova carried out cabinet repairs, and UAB Slaugivita won the tender for specialized equipment supply.

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6 February 2019

International project implementation agreement has been signed

The 6th of February, 2019 partnership agreement was signed in Palanga city municipality. 

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