Selonia, Latvia

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Tourism specialists visit to Aizkraukle – Jēkabpils (Selonia region)

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Interreg VI-A Latvia-Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2021-2027 project No LL-00132 “Tourism offer development in Selonia Region” (Weekend in Village) started on the 29th of March 2024. The project will last for two years until 28th of March 2026. The project overall objective is to develop the tourism by creating a new tourism offer based on the knowledge of cross-border experience exchange, ensuring the improvement of the skills and knowledge of tourism service for local craftsmen and tourism service providers. By creating a new tourist offer in the region of undiscovered tourist destinations, increase the number of tourists and encourage tourists to stay at the destination for more than 1 day. Weekend in Village project will include events, activities, promotional campaigns and trips.

To provide tourism professionals with a comprehensive overview of the Selonia region, not only will the most characteristic sights be visited, but the unique values and experiences of each municipality will also be included in the itinerary. Thus, by combining cultural, natural and historical sites, as well as offering cross-border activities, it will be possible to provide an exciting and informative trip, resulting in the development of joint routes and offers for the Selonia border regions.

During the 2-day event in Aizkraukle-Jēkabpils (Selonia region) for tourism specialists, approximately 4-5 persons per partner and 13-15 participants in total – tourism specialists from Aizkraukle, Jēkabpils (LV), and Biržai (LT) will travel to tourism attractions in Aizkraukle-Jēkabpils to increase their knowledge and competencies regarding the Selonia region, which covers three municipalities and its cross-border offerings. Specialists will gain best practices from each other and establish new contacts with tourism specialists and providers in the region.

Activity: Increasing knowledge, competencies, and best practices for partner tourism specialists. No.D.2.1.1.


Date: July 10, 2024
10:00 am
Place: Selonia, Latvia
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