Project duration
01.02.2024 – 31.01.2026

Project ERDF co-financing
224 940,80 EUR



Language – a key for understanding your neighbor

Common territorial challenge (s) that will be tackled by the project

Project “LingoKey” aims to foster closer connections among communities and individuals living in Latvia and Lithuania by facilitating effective communication. Project partners are jointly tackling the problem of lack of interaction and cooperation between cross-border communities.

Project objective

The overall project objective is to get communities and people closer by enabling them to communicate effectively through new knowledge of Latvian-Lithuanian language.

Planned activities

The project will organise a simplified and easy to learn Latvian-Lithuanian language courses and will develop bilingual short, illustrated booklet, providing simple and fun learning material. To achieve and enable more active people-to-people interaction, cross-border approach is necessary. Thus, the Latvian-Lithuanian language course will be jointly developed by school professionals from both countries. Such non-formal course has never been developed before. Thus, this project’s result is entirely innovative and original. Furthermore, the project partners will organise summer academies for youth, summer camps for children, and pilot classes for students. Also, they will equip smart classes that will be used for language learning.

Project results

Through a non-formal Lithuanian – Latvian language learning educational course, participants will gain the empowerment to communicate effectively across linguistic boundaries, fostering stronger bonds and enhancing cultural understanding among diverse communities in neighbouring countries.

Social media and contacts:

Phone: +37061007011
Address: Kęstučio str. 1, Žagarė, Joniškis district, LT-84325, Lithuania
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