Event that helped learning about sensory integration

On the 26th of June, in Pasvalys Marius Katiliškis Public Library (Lithuania), local partners and local community gathered to dissemination event to discuss what does it mean sensory integration and why it’s so important. It is a part of “Social exclusion reduction campaign”, organised by one of project partners NGO “Learning Synergy” (Lithuania). This event was attended by the representatives of Pasvalys District Municipality and other institutions, members of Pasvalys District Communities, and librarians from Pasvalys library network.

At the very beginning of the event, project manager and library director Danguolė Abazoriuvienė and project coordinator Edita Jareckaitė presented the INCLUSIVE project, its goals, talked about planned activities and project results. The presentation of the project was followed by a lecture by Dr. Margarita Jurevičienė, a docent of the Institute of Education at the Vilnius University Šiauliai Academy, who explained in depth the need to adapt sensory methods in education.  During the event, we discussed the integration and implementation of Sensory Reading Rooms with professional information points in libraries, what does sensory integration mean and how to make a sensory-friendly environment, what are the methods and ways of promoting social communication, and lastly, how sensory reading rooms can be adapted to persons at social risk.

These topics are very important to discuss, so that everyone could learn, understand and start important work together. Later, similar events are going to take place in other project partner libraries – in Augšdaugava County and Jelgava Local Municipalities.

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