First Subsidy Contracts Concluded

The Interreg VI-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2021–2027 marks a significant step towards impactful support for cross-border regions in Latvia and Lithuania. With the conclusion of the first Subsidy Contracts three projects were supported, marking the beginning of transformative changes in green and sustainable tourism, social inclusion through sports, and the enrichment of military heritage tourism.

In total, 34 projects, with the total 15,524 million EUR of ERDF co-financing, were approved by the Monitoring Committee of the Programme on 30 October 2023. Most of them have already commenced implementation since the beginning of February, prior to the signing of the Subsidy Contracts.

To assist the newly started projects with project management and implementation questions, the Joint Secretariat will organize a series of trainings and events. The dates of the first events will be announced soon.

We extend our best wishes for the successful implementation of these initiatives and the strengthened cooperation between Latvia and Lithuania that is sure to blossom, creating lasting impacts for years to come.

Let’s explore the new projects and anticipate the positive impact they are set to achieve:

“Green Secrets”: Expanding Sustainable Tourism

The “Green Secrets” project envisions a vibrant cross-border tourism experience providing diverse recreational options in the natural and urban surroundings of Zemgale and Žemaitija. By introducing the joint “Sensory Secrets” travel route, the project aims to enhance sustainable and green tourism opportunities. The project will invite both visitors and locals to explore the secrets of Iecava Manor Park, featuring a captivating Green Labyrinth. Jelgava district will showcase the allure of Eleja Manor Park, complete with newly developed greenery and infrastructure designed to enhance the quality of leisure opportunities. Žemaitija region will await visitors in Venta, Tytuvėnai, Kurtuvėnai, Varniai regional parks and Kamanos nature reserve. Here, nature enthusiasts will be able to indulge in nature trails, sensory gardens, indoor sensory spaces, and interactive cognitive equipment, all thoughtfully adapted for various target groups. Recognizing the importance of accessibility, Joniškis town will upgrade its infrastructure to cater to the needs of travellers with disabilities, ensuring a more inclusive and welcoming experience for all. Explore the enchanting “Green Secrets” of Zemgale and Žemaitija here.

“Rowing4confidence”: Nurturing Confidence Through Rowing

The “Rowing4confidence” project is dedicated to preventing social exclusion and promoting active lifestyles among marginalized children from community-based foster homes and those with mental disabilities in Daugavpils, Liepaja, and Panevėžys. During the project, 12 rowing coaches will undergo trainings in special education and psychology, followed by practical traineeships at each project partner’s location. 75 children will participate in local “Rowing afternoons” to improve their water safety skills and learn to row in different water bodies (the Nevėžis river in Panevėžys, the Baltic Sea in Liepaja and Stropu lake in Daugavpils). Additionally, boat base with auxiliary facilities will be established in Panevėžys and all partners will procure necessary equipment for activities, such as different types and sizes of canoes, SUPboards, special accessories for disabled persons, paddles, life jackets and motorboats to provide safe rowing sessions. Furthermore, children will be encouraged to join camp in Liepaja, “Safe Rowing Weekend” in Daugavpils, and the Joint Regatta “Senvagė Cup” in Panevėžys. Find out more about opportunities for young people to train and promote a healthy lifestyle, socialize, raise their self-esteem and gain confidence in their abilities here.

“Military Heritage II”: Uniting History Through Tourism

The “Military Heritage II” aims to enhance the role of military heritage tourism in economic development by expanding the Baltic military heritage tourism product in Lithuania and South Latvia. The project seeks to integrate approximately 300 military heritage objects into the tourism product, establish military heritage tourism routes, and add significant new sites to the joint web platform: Moreover, the project partners will focus on improving key tourism sites, such as the Cold War Exposition in Plokštinė, Latgale Museum of Culture and History, Viļaka Regional Museum, and the Military Heritage Hiking Trail in Līvāni region. To attract both domestic and international tourists and create new opportunities for the tourism sector, a comprehensive travel guide and map, along with promotional activities, will be developed. Explore a conceptually innovative military heritage tourism product uniting individual sites and objects in rural areas here.

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