Shadowing visit in Lithuania

From June 10 to 12, within the framework of the project “Social inclusion of disabled people and kids from disadvantage families, based on experience and joint cooperation” (“Hand in hand”), 3 participants from Saldus went on a job shadowing visit to Lithuania.

Agrita Sleže, manager of the Multifunctional Center “Jumis”, social worker Daiga Rībena and Sandra Vernava, social worker of the Day Care Center “Saulespuķe” took part in the shadowing visit at the Kretinga Day Center.

During the shadowing, the colleagues had the opportunity to feel both as a visitor of the day center and as a training specialist. The role play made it possible to see the needs, to diversify the services, taking as a priority the client’s illness and his ability to work in a group or individually. Observed cooperation between the client and the specialist when the activities are adapted to the client – because there is a serious illness. His abilities and needs are primarily evaluated, the plan is adjusted so as not to lose the quality of the lesson in the process.

Promoting, training the client’s skills and maintaining them, so that the client’s quality of life does not deteriorate. Being in one place with specialists who do the same work, only each of us saw joint activities in our country, which we can implement in the future by training training specialists with new techniques (clay, ceramics, concrete) which can then be implemented by ourselves on a daily basis.

In August, representatives of the target group together with support persons will have the opportunity to participate in a 5-day camp in Lithuania.

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