Project duration
01.03.2024 – 31.08.2025

Project ERDF co-financing
240 720,00 EUR

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Capacity building and development of necessary competences for working with special needs children in Latvian and Lithuanians kindergartens

Common territorial challenge (s) that will be tackled by the project

The main purpose of this project is to help Lithuanian and Latvian kindergartens of Dagda, Visaginas, Kraslava and Panevezys to implement the concept of the inclusive education quicker and successfully by building capacity and cooperation for development of necessary competences of educators to work with special needs children. We plan to implement several innovative approaches for capacity building. the most significant challenge is the lack of qualified, experienced, and well-trained personnel to work with children with special educational needs.

Project objective

To build capacity and cooperation for developing the necessary competences to work with children with special needs in Latvian and Lithuanian kindergartens.

Planned activities

Activity 1.1 - Improvement of competences of kindergartens specialists in psychological field; Activity 1.2 - Provision of psychological support for kindergartens communities ; Activity 1.3 - Development of specific competences for working with special needs children; Activity 1.4 - Implementation and integration of specific methods in kindergartens communities; Activity 1.5 - Educational visits to inclusive education institutions; Activity 1.6 - Transfer of knowledge and good practices to LT-LV partners; Activity 1.7 - Communication.

Project results

1.The strong cooperation based on mutual trust, respect and open communication will be built among 4 project partners and will continue after project completition.
2. The competences and skills that are required to work with special needs children and for successful transformation of the partners’ institutions to inclusive kindergartens will be developed.
3. The capacity to transfer partners’ institutions – regular kindergartens to inclusive kindergartens that involves building the knowledge, skills, and infrastructure necessary to create inclusive learning environments for all children, including those with special needs will be built. Special trainings for educators, knowledge about adaptive materials and equipment, involvement of kindergartens community and cooperation with partners will help to create more inclusive and supportive learning environments for all children.

4. The scientifically proven, effective methodologies and therapy used for work and educate children with special needs (hyperactivity, movement and behaviour disorders and autism) will be learnt and integrated to the everyday work of partners’ educators.

5.The psychological support kindergarten educators and the community will be provided as an effective tool in helping them deal with the emotional challenges that may arise from working with children with special needs and other related circumstances.

Social media and contacts:

Phone: +37165681510
Address: Alejas iela 15A, Dagda, Latvia
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