Project duration
01.03.2024 – 28.02.2026

Project ERDF co-financing
269 136,13 EUR

Hand in Hand


Social inclusion of disabled people and kids from disadvantage families, based on experience and joint cooperation

Common territorial challenge (s) that will be tackled by the project

The project partner from Kretinga has well-established social services, emphasizing integration, work skills, and support for people with severe disabilities. On the other hand, the project partner from Saldus has more experience in the work of youth centres. The project seeks to combine strengths, share best practices, and elevate social services.

Project objective

The project “Hand in Hand” aims to advance the social integration of people with disabilities and children from disadvantaged families in Saldus (Latvia) and Kretinga (Lithuania) districts by improving social services.

Planned activities

During the project, specialists from the newly established Day Activity Centre in Kretinga will learn from the experiences of specialists from the Youth Centres and Day Centre in Saldus. At the same time, Saldus Social Service Centre will gain experience from the Day Activity Centre in Kretinga. They will incorporate a "Friendship Coffee" activity that enables both outdoor and indoor spaces for providing high-quality social services. Additionally, both partners will improve and equip their centres and outdoor spaces to offer a broader range of social services. By bringing together disabled individuals and children from disadvantaged families through joint activities such as sport days, adventure camps, and cooking classes, the project will address societal intolerance and foster inclusivity.

Project results

Project partners will develop integration recommendations based on project experiences. These innovative and practical recommendations will be incorporated into the future initiatives of both partners, ensuring a lasting positive impact on communities in Latvia-Lithuania border regions.

Social media and contacts:

Phone: +371 26582757
Address: Striķu iela 3, Saldus, LV 3801, Latvija
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