Project duration
01.05.2024 – 30.04.2026

Project ERDF co-financing
496 192,72 EUR



Network of Inclusive Libraries for people of disadvantaged social groups

Common territorial challenge (s) that will be tackled by the project

As a result of the past COVID-19 pandemic and Russia's illegal aggression against Ukraine, long-term stress, anxiety and depression trends have intensified in societies, which most negatively affect socially excluded persons (primarily the elderly, because they are not mobile enough, they are lonely; people with disabilities, because society's priorities are directed towards other strategic goals; children who are unable to "get out" of social exclusion environments, because psychologically they are very vulnerable due to failures and unfulfilled expectations), which negatively affects their opportunities to integrate into society, they face with the problem of employment, the foundations of families are destroyed.

Project objective

Using the experience of partners, for organizations operating in the program area and vulnerable persons, the aim is to create a new multi-complex service, a network of SENSORY READING ROOMS with professional information points, which would combine the elements of education, professional information and mental health strengthening, necessary for social inclusion in the library infrastructure. To ensure the operation of the network, communication and methodological tools with E-learning platform will be created and prepared.

Planned activities

The partners through joint work will create general measures for the social exclusion reduction campaign "Improve your skills and feel good", which will improve society's attitude towards socially excluded persons. The first and unparalleled "Sensory reading room with PIP" methodological instrument will also be created. It consist of an E-learning portal (with content), a database of sensory reading books and various methodological materials for specialists and social risk persons (elderly people, children from disadvantaged families, and people with disabilities). After the project investments 4 pilot Sensory reading rooms with a professional information point will be created in the program territory. A network of inclusive libraries with Sensory reading rooms with PIP (4 units) will be created and a new service will be offered for people at social risk (elderly people, children from disadvantaged families, and people with disabilities) in the program territory.

Project results

  1. LP Pasvalys library, NGO “Learning Sinergy”, Jelgava County and Augsdaugava County municipalities strengthen cooperation with each other and work together during project implementation and also minimum 5 years after the project end.
  2. Solutiosn taken up or up-scaled by organisations:
    1. Network of the multi-complex “Sensory reading room with a professional information point” (in the case of Pasvalys, mobile BIBLIOBUS) is created, which combines services from different areas into one. The services of education, mental health strengthening, and professional information are combined.
    2. Sensory reading virtual methodical e-learning platform and sensory reading books database are designed, which are available to specialists of institutions located both within the program territory and outside.
    3. Succesful creation and implementation of the social exclusion reduction campaign “Improve your skills and feel good”, the aim of which is to form a positive public opinion about persons at social risk.

Social media and contacts:

Phone: +370 659 05145
Address: Vytauto Didziojo a. 7, Pasvalys, LT-39149
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