Bird-watching days in Liepāja

On April 6th, as part of the BIRDIE project, and educational event “Bird Days” took place at the Science and Education Innovation Center “Natur House” in Liepāja.

Visitors had the opportunity to participate in an educational excursion led by nature enthusiast and bird expert Artūrs Bilerts. The excursion took place in the territory of Horse Island, located within the specially protected nature area, the Liepāja Lake Nature Reserve.

The bird expert shared his knowledge and experiences related to this unique natural site.

Simultaneously, multiple activities were held at the Nature House, open to all visitors. Visitors could take part in a workshop to make bird-cages, explore interactive installations related to birds, watch a short film about bird dances, and participate in other events. These activities helped to familiarize participants with various bird species and discover the world of birds in a new and exciting way.

During all day more than 80 visitors attended the event.

The event was organized by the Science and Education Innovation Center “Natur House” in collaboration with the Latvian Ornithological Society.

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