Project duration
01.02.2024 – 31.01.2026

Project ERDF co-financing
592 648,09 EUR

Green Secrets


Exploit Your Senses to Discover the Green Secrets of Zemgale and Žemaitija!

Common territorial challenge (s) that will be tackled by the project

The cross-border region of Latvia and Lithuania have experienced significant demographic decline in recent years, with an aging population and a decreasing number of young people. The cross-border region has limited economic opportunities as well as limited infrastructure, particularly in rural areas. There is a lack of transportation services, the territory is predominantly rural focusing on growth of agricultural sector, limited resources such as finances, skilled workforce, and marketing expertise pose a challenge for the development of tourism potential in the region. Project Green Secrets intends to establish a network of sensory gardens and urban green spaces in the cross-border region of Zemgale and Žemaitija and offer it as a common cross-border tourism destination.

Project objective

The project objective is to increase the number of visitors to the Programme area through development of a network of sensory gardens and urban green spaces, development of green infrastructure, promotion of inclusive tourism services, as well as joint cross-border travel route crossing Žemaitija and Zemgale.

Planned activities

The project Green Secrets will create conditions to explore green and sensory secrets hiding in the nature parks of Žemaitija region. Several types of actions shall be offered for visitors: diverse sensory routes and gardens created in Tytuvėnai, Varniai and Kurtuvėnai regional parks as well as Kamanos nature reserve, IT or interactive solutions, interactive stands, 3D maps or escape rooms established in the visitor centers of Tytuvėnai, Kurtuvėnai and Venta regional parks for sensory learning of surrounding nature and heritage, community and cross-border partnership mobilization events to increase cooperation potential. The Wooden park (or Mežaparks) in the north-west part of Eleja manor park will be developed. Recreational infrastructure in Eleja manor park will be upgraded to continue the historic pattern of the park's paths, small footbridges, children playground elements, picnic places and benches, as well as information stands (including information in Braille). The place is foreseen to become a recreational place for residents of Jelgava region, incoming visitors, nature and history lovers, students, families with children, people with disabilities, elderly. The Green Labyrinth in Iecava manor park will be developed. An inclusive, and sustainable infrastructure will be created meeting the needs of local and inbound visitors, as well as those with disabilities. Also provision of services to visitors will be improved in Joniskis, several types of equipment, such as a step-hear sound guiding system for visually impaired, a sensory fountain with potable water, electric bicycles as well as chargers for electric bikes will be installed. Feasibility study about potential of establishment of a network of green urban zones and sensory gardens in cross-border territory of Žemaitija and Zemgale will be elaborated. Based on outcomes of feasibility study, the niche product - travel route "Green and Sensory Secrets" will be prepared.

Social media and contacts:

Phone: +37067115033
Address: Dumbrių street 3, Ožtakiai, Varnių sen. Telšių r.sav., Lithuania LT-88324
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